About Us

Jean L. Charles: An-n Pale

Welcome to Our World, RTH 2000, one of the first television broadcasting system online.

RTH 2000 is a pioneer in technological revolution. Our vision has been to provide a link between our world today and our motherland. We envision a new Haiti, thriving under the beautiful Caribbean sun basking in the peaceful sea and once again being our Perle des Antilles.

In order for us to get to that point again, however, we need to remember where we came from, where we are today and where we are headed. Over the years, we have obviously lost the vision of our forefathers; however, all is not lost. Our generation can turn this around and this is where RTH 2000 comes in.

In bringing you the shows, entertainment and information that we have developed, we want all Haitians to take pride of who we are and turn, in one accord, to change the course that has been laid out for our home.

RTH 2000 was built on shoestrings yet it has survived¬† many obstacle in order to provide our community newsworthy broadcasting that is reaching nations all over the world through technology. Using this technology that we have available, we can do this. To quote President Obama, “YES, WE CAN.” There are many ways each of us can help in this our cause. I encourage you to contact us either by e-mail or telephone to see what you can do to keep.

I want to thank you for your interest in us and support of our cause. Please stay tuned to further development. We do have a technological revolution on our hands and RTH 2000 is at the forefront of it all.